How To Travel With Your Pet

3/9/2017 |

Follow these tips to ease the process of traveling with your pets!

Prepare Ahead of Time:

According to "The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Pets", pre-travel preparation is essential to successful traveling. Prior to any travel, rehearse with your pet by taking them on drives or by walking them around the terminal or station.

Make sure to accustom your pet to an appropriate travel crate before beginning your journey. The crate should include food, water, bedding, and pet identification information. In addition, you should pack a pet travel kit that includes necessities, toys, blankets, vet contact info, travel certificates, etc.

Your pet needs to visit their veterinarian well in advance of traveling to ensure that they are up to date on all the necessary immunizations, certificates, and tests.

Research Pet Rules

Many countries and states have specific health, vaccination, and quarantine regulations that you can verify by visiting the embassy website of the country you are traveling to. A specialist Pet Relocation Company can provide you details on the requirements of the country and carrier that you will be dealing with. IPATA is a good resource.

Make sure to become informed about all the requirements and restrictions of a certain company before traveling with a pet, regardless of the type of transportation you are using (bus, boat, plane, cab, etc). Click here for a list of pages with specific pet airline information.

Book a room at a hotel that allows pets and review all their pet related rules ahead of time.

Watch Your Pet’s Diet

Changing your pets diet in an unfamiliar territory could be disastrous. If you use dry food, you can bring the food with you. If your pet requires wet food, research the location to see if you can purchase the food upon arrival or have it shipped to your destination.

Emergency Plan

Always have a plan in case of an emergency. Your plan should include whom to call, how to care for your pet, where to stay, and how to pay for any resources you may need.

If you have any questions about traveling with your pet, don’t hesitate to contact East Springfield Veterinary Hospital. We will make sure that you and your furry friend are well-prepared for your upcoming trip so they are safe, happy, and comfortable.

Thank you to Upgraded Points for providing a great resource guide for pet travel!

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