Friends Remembered

"Herman" Hersman January 1985 ~ October 2008 For anybody who has visited the East Springfield Veterinary Hospital...the experience was not quite complete without a visit from "Herman" the cat. Whether feline or canine, rottweiler or poodle, Herman greeted his friends in the waiting room by walking up close and giving his distinct meow. Sometimes, he became extra curious and would get involved by sneaking into an exam room. Clients looked forward to seeing his funny antics and outgoing personality. Staff just expected to see him everyday...because that is how it had always been. Herman was the longest staff member- starting wtih Dr. Richard Hersman back in 1985. Herman battled diabetes and renal failure the past 2 years of his long life. After an amazing 23 years of making people and pets at ease, it was time for Herman to leave us. Herman will never be forgotten.