Dental Exams and Cleaning

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Just like humans, an animal's teeth become built up with plaque from eating, drinking, and breathing. However, dogs and cats put added stress on their teeth when they play with sticks, rocks, bones and certain chew toys. Often times, this results in broken or damaged teeth. If pet's teeth go untreated, plaque may lead to painful periodontal disease. In extreme cases, dental infection could lead to heart or kidney disease. Make sure your dogs and cats maintain a healthy lifestyle with a dental exam and complete cleaning at East Springfield Veterinary Hospital.

Comprehensive Pet Dentals

Oral disease occurs 5 times more often in pets than in humans, so it is crucial to keep your pet's dental hygiene in check. East Springfield Veterinary Hospital offers a state of the art dental facility. The dental procedure begins with an examination and evaluation of the level of dental disease to determine the severity of the case. We will perform digital dental x-rays the day of the procedure to see what is going on beneath the gum line. To learn more about the importance of dental care, click here. Once we have performed these diagnostics, we are well equipped to execute a thorough and effective dental procedure. The dental procedure includes:

  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Polishing
  • Fluoride treatment

Based on the severity of dental disease, the procedure may also include highly technical extractions.

Western Massachusetts Dental Exams for Dogs and Cats

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