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pet disaster preparedness, pet emergency tips, pet emergency preparation, protect pets in emergency

Pet Disaster Preparedness

Learn how to protect your pets in the event of an emergency No one wants to think about disaster striking, but emergencies do happen and you’re better off being prepared for one than not. In an emergency, your pet will…

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Dog Digging Up Your Yard?

Tips to deter the digging The nice weather likely has your dog spending a lot more time outside. Some dogs enjoy relaxing in the sunshine, others just end up bored and getting themselves into trouble – AKA digging holes throughout…

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warm weather pet safety, summer pet safety tips, pet safety tips, pet care tips, summer pet care

Warm Weather Pet Safety

Most of us love enjoying the sunny, warm weather outdoors with our furry companions, but it’s important to recognize the risks associated with the warmer weather. Even days that may not seem hot to you, they’re hot for your pet…

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dog laying on floor being pet by human, pet separation anxiety, dog separation anxiety help

Pet Separation Anxiety

Helping your pet cope with separation anxiety as humans return to work Animal shelters across the country are emptying out and reporting record numbers of dog and cat adoptions thanks to the pandemic and people having a lot more time…

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Seresto® Flea Collars

As you may know, the USA Today released an article on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 claiming a link between Seresto flea collars and pet deaths. Elanco, manufacturer of the product, has released a statement addressing the safety of Seresto collars.…

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reading pet's food label, understand pet food labels, dog food label, pet nutrition, healthy pet tips

Reading Your Pet’s Food Label

Reading nutrition labels is important when choosing your pet’s food, but we understand it can get confusing.  The nutrition label on your pet’s food, just like the label on our packaged foods, is there to help you understand what’s in…

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